Top 10 reasons to use SkipTheGames for USA hookups and escort 

Best reasons to join skipthegames and start ordering escorts for quick hookups. Top advantages and benefits of skipthegames escort search and local thots 

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SkipTheGames users hate drama and boring vanilla courtship in our times of sex positivity and adult dating. It unites them together and allows to enjoy kinky lifestyle to the fullest. 

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Discover the advantages of this platform to get laid quickly, find new friends with benefits, meet open-minded threesomes and couples, join niche communities and subcultures for BDSM sex. 

Skipthegames nc 

Skip the games and get satisfaction, the site motto says. It’s especially fair regarding the highly populous areas in US like North Carolina where singles greatly welcome all sexy experiments. 

Chill in North Carolina
North Carolina SkipTheGames

Traffic by state 

  Average  All devices Desktop Mobile
North Carolina 12% 3M 2% 98%
Texas  10% 2.7 M 4% 96%
Illinois  8% 2.5 M 5% 95%
Ohio  6% 1.9 M 6% 94%

Escorts in NC are medium priced or inexpensive, single students are many, and other categories of hookup seekers are widely presented too. It makes NC one of the most active user areas. 

Most singles use the app instead of the desktop version, which means it’s literally viral among the gym clients, club goers, and other super energetic groups of ppl. A good potential for quick hookups. 

Skipthegames charlotte 

This top city in NC offers the most various types of one night stands being highly populous and visited by tourists. Here are some of the frequently requested hookups on SkipTheGame Charlotte. 

Charlotte city SkipTheGames
Busy Charlotte city
  • Female escort. Ordered by other females, males, couples, and local corporations. 
  • Masseur or massage studio. Nuru, full body erotic massage is often requested on STG. 
  • Companions and fwb. Lots of singles want buddies for sex to hang out and party with. 
  • GFE. Many feel more comfortable to roleplay with escort like she’s a real girlfriend. 
  • TS escort. Progressive males and couples are ok to order a ladyboy or a trans model. 
  • Dominant females. The range for BDSM hookups is wide, dom girls are top popular. 

These categories may be required or not in other big cities. But all of them are in a constant demand within Charlotte that has a population of 2.4 million many of which are young and single. 

Skipthegames milwaukee

The city of Milwaukee SkipTheGames is giving the biggest number of reviews and responses from the real users. Being the most populous city in Wisconsin, it attracts locals and tourists to the cite database. 

“SkipTheGames is simply my cup of tea”, Camilla from Milwaukee says. “I love the way it covers my needs, from wild hookups on Friday nights to some sponsorship and support from male lovers. 

SkipTheGames night in Milwaukee
Milwaukee at night

No one judges you if you get naughty and initiative. Some guys go crazy of dominant girls, and I can be one, indeed. While others want a submissive chick and I play a girlfriend experience”. 

“I always manage to find inexpensive escorts or thots on SkipTheGames”, Robert from Milwaukee shares. “Those can be indigenous exotic chicks, or Slav babes coming from abroad. 

I enjoy this diversity of women’s types, choosing another one each particular evening. There’s no need to pretend you court someone or to look modest, you just meet up and get what you want”. 

Skipthegames toledo

Toledo in Ohio, USA is a kind of a champion in escort services. Due to an interesting exotic mix of genes typical for this area, most girls are model-looking and drop dead gorgeous in every way. 

SkipTheGames in Toledo
SkipTheGames in Toledo, Spain

Satisfying male tourists and locals on a business basis is rather hystorical there. Being situated on a border of two states, Toledo got used to greet visitors and entertain guys not leaving the city. 

2020 census of Toledo citizens 

Race 2020 population SkipTheGames users
Non-Hyspanic White  59.4% 26%
Hyspanic or Latino 7.2% 3.1%
African American 31.1% 12.9%
Asian  2.3% 0.05%

Since SkipTheGames is already known as ultra modern and effective tool for getting laid quick, so many Toledo singles and couples were in hurry to sign up. It’s easy to meet them online. 

Whether you’re ordering escorts or finding new fwb buddies, do not underestimate the couples from Toledo which can be a good solution for kinky weekend getaways. There are plenty of them. 

Skipthegames ct 

It is noticed SkipTheGames escort girls are also working at top popular nightclubs and pubs. Several sources of income are always better than one, as they say. chicks think so too. 

Not so big but one of the best provided economically, this state holds a huge number of adult clubs and striptease bars where SkipTheGames models can earn and grow popular. 

Connecticut city date with SkipTheGames
Wait For A Date
  • Mystique Stamford. This rather new nightclub with hot female dancers is often mentioned in STG chats. Check it out since the rating is high yet the price is fair. 
  • Partners Cafe. SkipTheGames welcomes gay personals and all LGBTQ community, so here is where these folks are spending their leisure time in Connecticut. 
  • Russian Lady. Accordingly to its name, many Eastern European chicks work as escorts and go-go dancers there. Many of them can be met on SkipTheGames, too. 
  • French Model Club. Lots of French Canadian pleasure girls and dancers are coming to CT for work. Well, you can find them either at this dance club or on STG site. 
  • Chez Est. This famous gay bar in CT is the right place to meet bi-curious folks registered on SkipTheGames. Female dancers and duo or trio lesbi escorts are also ok. 

With such a variety of options, it’s no surprise so many westerners choose to hook up on SkipTheGames Connecticut. The guide on top cities for hookups is right on the site or offered by other users. 

Is skipthegames legit

There was a rumor about Listcrawler and Backpage they weren’t considered really legit at some periods of time. It never happened to SkipTheGames though, users find it trustful enough. 

“Skipthegames is my all-new experience in the market of amateur escorts”, David from NYC says. “You simply treat each other with respect but get laid quick without any stupid games. 

It’s relieving to find so many like-minded singles and pick just anyone once they fit your current mood and criterions. Sexy girls are welcoming you too so it’s a great source for hookups”. 

“SkipTheGames is way better than other casual sex sites, I do not encounter any fake accounts”, Michael from LA admits. “Everyone I contacted there, was ready to meet right away. 

Also, there are usually no hidden pitfalls in regard of the money. Hot girls who charge for their companionship, tell their tariff in advance or just ask to take them to some fine club”. 

Skipthegames app

The SkipTheGames app has certain differences from the desktop version. By statistics, it is used the most, especially in Latina and AA areas. Let’s see which features it has to offer. 

  • Profiles rating. Each parameter of escort personal can be rated: body, attitude, service, face. Smb with four or five stars in each section is trustworthy and popular enough. 
  • Escort reviews. Each hookup worker’s profile is equipped with the set of reviews under it. So, it’s easy to see whether previously met folks are happy with this person. 
  • Connection with affiliate sites. The reviews, rating, and database itself can be browsed from similar sites or checked there, such as Adult Search and others. 
  • Verified profiles. The app team makes sure to check and verify all registered escorts. Their IDs, phone numbers, and selfies on demand are thoroughly tested for you. 
  • Escort categories. It’s easy to choose out from the categories list such as Latina, AA, blonde, black, GFE, or amateur pornstar. There are more types to surf and select. 
  • Direct contacts. There’s no cheating with hidden phone numbers or email addresses. Start chatting any time and get direct info immediately, for arranging the meeting. 

Skipthegames login 

Signing up on SkipTheGames is the easiest, since the team wanted nothing to distract new users from their hookups search. However, there can be some typical problems while logging in. 

Trouble Frequency Solution 
Wrong logging in  6.2% Check the CAPS lock 
It keeps skipping me 9.1% Clear your cache 
Doesn’t let me in  4.5% Check your Wi-Fi connection
Repeatedly cannot enter  5.3% Avoid the VPN apps 
Forgot my password 8.1% Contact Support

It would be fair to mention Customer support on SkipTheGames is pretty strong, and nearly all difficulties can be solved with them. There are step-to-step instructions plus their email address. 

From the beginning, it is recommended to the new users to store their login, password, and data somewhere they remember. Too often, the access is lost simply because folks forget their info. 

Skipthegames review

The end users opinion always matters more than any experts’ summaries. From this point of view, SkipTheGames is high-rated as most members consider it legit and effective enough. 

“The quality of girls is high on Skipthegames”, Louis from Tampa says. “Most are young, but if mature women are your piece of pie, there are some too. They seem real and all arrange the meetings. 

No one charges much. There are plenty of free hookups on this site, and customer support is quick. The interface is super understandable and intuitive, you just surf through and pick the chicks easily”. 

“I’d give Skipthegames 5 stars out of 5”, Diana from NYS comments. “Never it betrayed me, all clients were able to pay or at least treat a meal for my services. They weren’t kinkier than expected. 

I tend to discuss all details and preferences beforehand. Single men online and couples usually respect my dos and don’ts on Skipthegames, there are no misunderstandings or fraud. 

The biggest advantage of this hookup aggregator is the presence of affiliate sites. Once I post my ads, photos, and data, many people are seeing it around the US. This is my favorite sex platform”. 

Skipthegames pros and cons 

Different users may have various opinions on SkipTheGames service quality. Even when appreciated and liked, some cons can be noticed. Here is what you should know about using it. 


  • 3.9M users in USA and more in other countries
  • 143K free videos of escorts dancing nude or performing 
  • Presence in each state or girls ready to travel 
  • Direct messaging and then calling up
  • Fair pricing and discounts from girls 
  • Escorts are independent models not forced ones 


  • Member base is still growing 
  • Some best models for sex are overpriced 
  • Small towns aren’t covered 
SkipTheGames Pros and Cons
Use SkipTheGames site

Skipthegames vs other escort sites 

Comparing to similar sites like Erotic Monkey, Listcrawler, Adult Search, SkipTheGames is still less popular but also way less fraudulent. It manages to be one hundred percent legit and usable. 

Hot Evening With Escorte Woman
Escort woman from SkipTheGames site

Site traffic in USA 

listcrawler  63.9%
adultsearch 52.1%
eroticmonkey 49.8%
adultlook 35.6%
skipthegames 16.5%

Experts say, having a less intense traffic is a good thing and purely natural. SkipTheGames is a newer platform than affiliate pages, and it gathers real genuine female users only, not the agencies. 

Exactly this freshness of the female sex service, their youth and possibility of personal discounts make Skipthegames the most rapidly growing community for adult search in urban areas. 

Skipthegames expert summary 

“For local hookups and professional escorts ordering, SkipTheGames is the most promising platform in 2021/2022. It keeps on developing and improving its quality daily, with the seen result. 

If you’re after a big choice and effective sex tourism that saves your time and energy, Skipthegames is your must-have tool. It provides a skilled female and gay companionship everywhere you go”.