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Based on the true story of two American teenagers who were thrust into a world of intrigue, suspense, action and mystery when they are thrust into an elite group of people who have ‘gifted’ them with psychic abilities. Two American children who once lived on a U.S. army base in Italy finally explore love, friendship, identity, and the complicated exhilaration and agony of growing up. The complex emotional issues between these teenagers and the complicated dynamics of their unique relationship is depicted beautifully in this film. SkipTheGames: The Girls next door review written by Joseph M. De Laurentiis and aired on television highlights the many different characters that are explored in this film.

The premise of this dating simulation video game is to help the main character, Max, learn who he really is as he tries to navigate the confusing waters of puberty. Much of the video game play involves Max’s search for the mythical Garden of Eden, which supposedly contains all the answers to his questions about who he really is and helps him develop a strong sense of himself. As Max embarks on this quest he encounters a wide variety of interesting characters and scenarios that help to further develop and expand upon the storyline. The game also involves Max meeting new and exciting people who help him explore the many sides of his personality. The game takes the player on an adventure through Rome, London, Paris, and New York as Max searches for answers that will help him complete his ultimate task – to find the legendary ‘Garden of Eden.’

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Based upon the book by Sara Paretsky, Who We Are was released in May of 2010 by House of narrator and game designer Lucidosis. The game is supported with optional and premium game downloads that can be purchased directly from the official website or through digital download services. When you purchase Who We Are you will immediately begin playing the intriguing story of two ordinary young American girls. Within a few short hours of beginning your character will be introduced to the exciting, mystery-solving activities that will bring your game to life. Who We Are is a unique dating simulation that immerses players into the exciting lives of two very different young women who find themselves attracted to each other.